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Residential courses

The CST plans residential courses on an annual basis. The deadline for inclusion in the plans for the following year is 15 September. It is nevertheless possible to apply for a residential course at a later stage if there are still places available.


› Timetable

15 September
Deadline for booking courses for the following year.


You will receive confirmation of your booking with information to help you prepare for the course.


Three months before the camp
You will receive confirmation that sports facilities and special equipment have been reserved for you, and other information.
From this point you may, if you wish, contact Sisport to engage qualified monitors.


A fortnight before the camp
Please send us the "Final information", "Catering plan", “List of participants” and "Sports equipment" forms, duly completed.


› Important points to note

  • Owing to changes or cancellations, overnight accommodation may become available in the hostels or camp sites at any time.
  • During the period from April to October, demand often exceeds the number of places available. We also recommend considering the winter period, which offers a number of advantages (greater availability of rooms, more infrastructure available....).
  • Reservations are always regarded as final; we cannot consider provisional bookings of requests for special rates.
  • We would suggest that you indicate alternative dates, if possible: groups with the greatest flexibility in terms of dates, type of accommodation and number of participants have more chance of being accepted.
  • Before commencing the online procedure we advise you to read about the types of accommodation, catering arrangements and sports available, as well as the rates.
  • The sports programme you submit with your announcement must not be modified substantially. The sports coordinators reserve the right to propose alternatives if necessary.

  • We recommend that groups have at least 8-10 people.

  • The registration procedure is to be considered as valid if you receive a confirmation email with a recap of the information submitted.


› Quotations

The CST does not provide quotations. Prices can be found under the heading “Price list”.

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› Camping opening

from Thursday 31.12.2020 to Saturday 17.10.2020

› Information

The swimming pool is closed:

  • From 1 to 14 october 2017
  • From 14 to 27 April 2018
  • From 1 to 13 october 2018

The Resa tennis courts (synthetic) will be closed from September 18, 2017 until May 7, 2018 for maintenance work.

The Barone tennis courts (clay) will be closed from November 12, 2017 until May 7, 2018 for maintenance work.

Some restrictions are to be expected around Easter.

Online registration form: choose the period when you wish to stay


Times when facilities are available
The figures displayed in the green boxes are the total number of places available in the various hostels.
For the camp site, the figures refer to the number of places available in the 16-person tents.
 Stay available 

Stay not available


Before completing the form, you need to authenticate the e-mail address you will be using for making the booking.
You will receive an e-mail with a link to enable you to access your course booking form.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email, check your spam folder.

Please contact us (cstenero@baspo.admin.ch) if you have any other problem.

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